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Kitchen Cabinet Painting for Your Chicago Home

Fulton Revivals’ Cabinet Painting Guide

  • Custom Color Design Options
  • Flexible Scheduling and Pricing
  • Off-Site Cabinet Painting Process
  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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At Fulton Revivals, we understand you have many options for cabinet painting services in Chicago. That’s why we strive to do whatever it takes to blow you away when it comes to customer service, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional results.

As a family owned and locally operated cabinet painting company, our team works directly with our customers to ensure all your expectations are exceeded and your vision for transforming your kitchen is truly brought to life. Contact us today to get started on reviving your kitchen cabinets!

Flexible Booking for All Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

Ready to give your kitchen cabinetry the upgrade it deserves? So are we! If you’re located in any of the service areas we cover, we are available for booking all year round.

Our process for superior cabinet painting begins with an initial meeting where we review everything from project schedule to color designs.

Accommodative Scheduling

Have specific dates in mind for booking your next cabinet painting project? We’ll work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs as much as possible!

No matter what time of the year you need your kitchen cabinets painted, our team is up to the task. And with our off-site cabinet painting process, you won’t have to worry about losing access to your kitchen while we work our magic on your cabinets!

Flexible Financing

We understand that every client has different budgetary requirements when it comes to planning their next cabinet painting project. Before beginning your cabinet painting project, we’ll review all aspects of our costs, so we’re all on the same page moving forward.

From there, we’ll move forward with hammering out all financing details, including:

  • Deposit and Contract: To confirm your preferred dates, we require a signed contract and a non-refundable $300 deposit paid via Zelle/QuickPay (info@fultonrevivals.com) or Venmo (@Fulton-Revivals). Dates are not confirmed until a deposit is received and the contract is signed.
  • Balance Payment: Payment of the remaining balance is due on the last day of scheduled work for the housing. This payment can be made via cash or check made out to Fulton Revivals. Credit cards can be accepted but will incur a 3% charge. Check is preferred.
  • Hardware Costs: If you are getting new handles, the hardware is not included in the cost. We ask that you have any new hardware already at your home for the scheduled start.

Assessing Accessibility

As a Chicago cabinet painting company, we never know what kind of home or property we’ll be working with! Because we have lots of materials to load in to make your cabinets look brand new, we appreciate a heads up on what we can expect as far as accessibility goes with your home or commercial property.

Fourth floor with no stairs? Twenty-first floor with a freight elevator and loading dock? Let us know in advance so we can be adequately prepared!

Parking Arrangements

Every Chicagoan knows the horrors of trying to find sufficient parking! If you live in a condo or a congested area, we ask you to reserve a contractor parking spot each day. If there is not a contractor parking spot available or you don’t have access to any reserved parking, let us know ahead of time so we can find convenient or inexpensive parking arrangements prior to our project.

If you live in an area that requires a permit for street parking, please provide permit stickers every day that we’re on-site. If you cannot provide any permit stickers, then any additional parking fees will need to be charged back at the end of the job.

Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Now comes the fun part of your cabinet painting project! Nothing brings us more joy than bringing your kitchen cabinet color dreams to life. It all starts with assessing what kind of vibe or energy you want your kitchen to promote.

There are plenty of questions to answer that will help us properly conclude which colors will best suit your kitchen, such as:

  • What kind of colors best project your personality?
  • Are you a new homeowner?
  • Are you trying to sell your home?
  • How is the lighting in your kitchen?
  • What colors best blend in with your appliances and furnishing?
  • Which colors will best accentuate your kitchen’s size and spacing?

Sorting out all your paint color options is arguably the most crucial component of our cabinet painting consultation process.

Here are a few recommendations we have for you to better prepare for deciding which colors will work best for your home or commercial space!

Do What Inspires You

We recommend searching across the internet and social media for cabinet painting designs that stand out to you. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook – take a screenshot of impressive color schemes that capture your interest and bring them to our consultation meeting.

Remember: You’re going to have to look at these colors every day, so always keep that in mind!

Play It Safe or Go Bold?

This is arguably the most overlooked question when choosing which colors will work best for your kitchen cabinets. While it might be tempting to be bold and try out more striking, unique colors, playing it safe with a sophisticated pure white color is always a safe choice, especially if you’re unsure how long you’ll be living in your house or apartment.

You can always stick with accent colors that play well with your appliances and furnishings, such as lighter-colored cabinets set against a darker island, stove top, refrigerator, etc. At the end of the day, we always recommend going with your gut if you’re having trouble deciding between playing it safe or going bold!

Narrow Down Choices

A good rule of thumb to remember is the more color choices you have, the longer it will take to narrow them down, let alone get started on your cabinet painting project. If you're still undecided after looking through color options, pick at least three colors that catch your eye for samples. You can always go to any local paint store to pick up swatches or actual paint samples.

When you’ve selected samples, tape the swatches to your cabinets or paint a few coats of your samples on a piece of cardboard and tape it to your cabinets (never paint on the cabinets!). With every sample, see what the color looks like with all the lights on, as well as during the day and nighttime.

The more chances you can see what your favorite colors look like in person, the easier it is to narrow down which one(s) you want to stick with!

Our Most Popular Color Options

If you’re having trouble choosing which colors will look best on your cabinets, these are the most popular colors among our customers!

The following are Sherwin Williams paint colors, with a "low gloss" sheen, which is between satin and semi-gloss.





For more color inspiration, check out our gallery of cabinet painting projects!

Nail Your Cabinet Painting Project With Fulton Revivals!

Whether you have a specific vision for your kitchen cabinets or you need a fresh pair of eyes to figure out what will make your cabinets truly stand out, we’re here to help you in any way we can!

At Fulton Revivals, we aim to do whatever it takes to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our kitchen cabinet painting services. Contact us today to get started working with our team of interior design specialists!

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