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Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets

At Fulton Revivals, we believe your kitchen should make a statement instead of simply serving as a background. With our kitchen cabinet painting services, we help Old Town homeowners transform their kitchens into works of art, providing immaculate interior scenery for many years to come.

Whether the color of your kitchen cabinets are starting to fade away or you need some fresh, modern coats to boost your home’s resale value, Fulton Revivals are the family-owned, locally-operated Chicago cabinet painting company that can bring your kitchen cabinet vision to life! Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our cabinet design team.

Our Proven Cabinet Painting Process

  • Door Removal

    All your cabinetry doors are carefully removed and transferred to our shop for cleaning, sanding, and priming before painting.

  • Clean & Prep

    Our crew will devote the first few days to properly cleaning and prepping your home and kitchen for our painting process.

  • Base Cabinets

    We’ll start out with your base cabinets, applying the coats of your chosen color(s) with innovative sprayer equipment.

  • Door and Drawer Covers

    Next, we’ll move on to painting your doors and drawer covers, giving them time to cure at our shop before we reinstall the cabinets.

  • Finishing

    Once all cabinetry is sprayed with the highest grade products on the market, we’ll reinstall everything and provide touch ups as needed.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Our kitchen cabinet painting process is structured to adhere to all your customer service needs, from our first consultation to the final reveal.

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our Old Town cabinet painting services. Check out our customer guide for further information!

How long does it generally take to paint cabinets?

First, we take two days (depending on the size of your kitchen and any additional cabinetry) to properly clean, sand, prime and spray your housing’s cabinets on-site. After that, your cabinet doors and drawer covers are brought to our shop to receive the same thorough cleaning and preparation process.

The doors will be painted and cured at our shop for up to a week, and once they’re ready, we’ll return to your home and reinstall the cabinets so they’re good to go!

Can I access my kitchen during the painting process?

Yes! We paint your cabinets off-site at our shop so we’ll be out of your way throughout the whole cabinet painting project. You’ll only need to endure a few hours of cleaning and prepping the kitchen prior to painting, as well as a few hours of reinstallation, otherwise we’re completely out of your hair.

Will my cabinets smell after they’ve been painted?

In order to do cabinetry painting correctly, industrial products and cleaners are needed. Some of these products and cleaners do have a stronger odor and contain VOCs. These odors only last an hour or two after the products have been used/sprayed.

Once cleaned up and dry, they’re harmless. During spraying, your kitchen is tarped off and ventilated to avoid odors throughout your home.

How do you keep my kitchen safe and protected throughout the painting process?

To protect all surfaces not being painted, our crew has a thorough tarping process. This includes taping plastic tarps onto your walls. Sometimes, paint may peel upon removal. Our team is happy to touch up any spots as long as you have the wall paint on hand.

The tape we use is typical contractor grade and is not extremely adhesive. However, on floors with failing finishes, the tape may peel the top layer of the finish. The tape is necessary to protect surfaces from paint.

How long is the cure time once my cabinets have been reinstalled?

Your cabinets will be ready to use once reassembled. For the first few weeks, we recommend only opening your cabinets using the handles and not by the corners.

How much does cabinet painting cost?

Your final prices for our cabinet painting services will include the costs of all material, paint, and labor necessary to get the job done from start to finish. Before we even begin our painting process, we’ll review every aspect of your impending costs, as well as a project deposit, and work with whatever payment methods work best for the both of us.

What type of paint do you use?

Whatever color is your heart’s desire is the paint we’ll choose to work with! Aside from choosing colors, we tend to recommend paints with a “low gloss” sheen, or a paint that is generally between a satin & semi-gloss. All of our paint is applied with a state-of-the-art sprayer, which means no rolling or brushing whatsoever!

How should I keep my cabinets clean after they’ve been painted?

Once your cabinetry is sprayed, cleaning them is easy. We suggest using any cleaner without any acetone. You can use a rag or sponge but like any cabinetry, do not use anything abrasive.

What’s your method for keeping cabinets dust-free?

Spraying does create a fine dust that goes airborne while the spraying. It does have a tendency to get in little nooks and crannies. We create a spray tent and tarp things off very well and plastic tarp everything in the surrounding area but sometimes the dust gets on the floor. Once we’re fully finished we do a sweep throughout the area.

How durable is the paint on my cabinets?

We only use top-quality painting products and materials to give your cabinets a bold, sophisticated look for many years to come. With minimal, routine maintenance upkeep, you can expect your cabinets to maintain their color and appearance for at least a decade, if not longer!

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You’re just a few clicks away from saying goodbye to your stale, dated kitchen cabinetry and hello to a vibrant, inspiring kitchen that’s bursting with personality! When you need fast and efficient kitchen cabinet painting services in Old Town and surrounding areas, contact Fulton Revivals today to get a quote on your next cabinet painting project.