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Fulton Revivals’ Cabinet Painting Process

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  • Off-Site Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process
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From our first contact to the moment you set eyes on your new, beautifully painted cabinets, our promise to you is a completely efficient and transparent cabinet painting process that’s structured for complete customer satisfaction. At Fulton Revivals, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and locally operated cabinet painting company serving our city of Chicago and surrounding communities.

Our professional painters go above and beyond what’s expected with every kitchen cabinet project we take on. View our gallery of work here!

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Catered to Your Needs

Ready to transform your kitchen’s look into something truly breathtaking? So are we! As outlined in our customer guide, our cabinet painting process starts with a one-on-one consultation to sort out all the finer details. It ends with your total satisfaction – guaranteed!

At Fulton Revivals, nothing gives us more joy than seeing the look on another satisfied customer’s face when we unveil their newly painted cabinets to them. Contact us today to get started on reviving your cabinets!

Here’s a glimpse into our cabinet painting and preparation process.

Step One: On-Site Preparation

Once we’ve had our final consultation and our schedule has been set, we’ll kick off our cabinet painting process. First, it’s time to thoroughly prepare your kitchen and living space for our team to work their magic.

Our preparation process includes:

  • Taking off all cabinetry doors, hinges, and handles and transporting them to our shop for painting
  • Tarping off select areas of your kitchen to preserve their appearance
  • Performing a deep cleaning, sanding, priming, and spraying on your cabinet housing in your kitchen

Step Two: Cabinet Preparation

Once your cabinet doors and drawer covers are brought to our shop, they will receive the same elaborate process of cleaning, sanding, and priming before we start painting. This helps us remove any excess dust, dirt, or debris and ultimately gives your cabinetry a more polished, refined finish.

Step Three: Cabinet Painting

When cabinet preparation is complete, we’ll start spraying your cabinetry with the highest-grade painting products from Sherwin-Williams' Kem Aqua Plus line, which gives it the perfect balance of resistance and durability.

From there, we’ll move forward with applying the custom colors you selected while applying multiple coats to protect your cabinets from future stains or discoloration.

Step Four: Cabinet Reinstallation

Because our cabinet painting is performed off-site, you’ll only experience temporary access limitations to access to your kitchen throughout our entire painting process, as our team will only take over your kitchen space for a few days to properly prepare.

Once your cabinetry has been properly cured at our shop (typically for a week or less), we will return to your home to reinstall the cabinets and provide any necessary touch-ups, if needed.

Step Five: Complete Satisfaction

At Fulton Revivals, we strive to do whatever it takes to ensure your total satisfaction is achieved. We’ll walk you through exactly what we’ve performed and applied to your kitchen cabinets while inspecting every inch of your cabinetry giving you the ultimate grand tour and final reveal of your newly painted cabinets!

Trust Chicago’s Preferred Kitchen Cabinet Painters!

From Wrigleyville to Naperville, Fulton Revivals is here to enhance your Chicago home with professional cabinet painting services. For fast and efficient kitchen cabinet painting in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, contact our experts!

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