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Chicago is a city that’s bursting with immaculate architectural beauty. So in a community where captivating colors and stunning designs are just about everywhere you look, why not capture that same essence and energy inside your own home?

When Joe and Krystal Haynes decided to start Fulton Revivals, they didn’t set out to simply launch another cabinet painting business to serve the greater metropolitan area. The owners wanted our company to share true craftsmanship and attention to detail with our Chicago neighbors.

Find out what previous clients say about our work in our testimonials!

Local & Experienced Painters Serving the Chicago Area

With an extensive background and experience in construction and interior design, Joe and Krystal Haynes have worked together to establish a family owned and locally operated Chicago cabinet painting company specializing in fast, efficient, and custom cabinetry painting. Along with a trained and certified crew of kitchen cabinet painters, our team at Fulton Revivals is dedicated to a seamless kitchen cabinet painting process for every client.

It is our process that ensures the results will take your breath away when your project is all said and done!

See our work in action: Our gallery offers a feel for our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Above & Beyond Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

Let us assess your needs and expectations carefully, so we can transform your kitchen into something truly special. All of our customers experience a fast and efficient cabinet painting process, which kicks off with a one-on-one consultation.

To find the perfect colors for your cabinetry, we work directly with you to sift through examples based on the designs you have in mind. Our experts offer helpful advice on the latest color trends and paint options that best accentuate your home’s appearance and functionality.

In addition to professional kitchen cabinet painting, we can also accommodate other cabinet painting requests throughout other areas of your home. Our team also offers commercial cabinet painting services for select projects.

Revive Your Cabinets With Fulton Revivals!

With the time you spend in your kitchen, you should at least have something pleasant to look at every day, right? At Fulton Revivals, our goal is to enhance your home’s beauty and ambiance with quality cabinet painting services. Contact us to get started on revitalizing your kitchen cabinetry!

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