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What do you see when you close your eyes and envision your dream home interior look? Fulton Revivals strives to bring your vision to life, offering a personalized consultation experience to ensure all your design ideas and individual desires are met.

Ready to bring your interior painting dreams to life? Check out our gallery to see our previous interior design work for yourself!

Our Custom Interior Painting Process

Once we’ve plotted out your scheduling, budgeting, and coloring preferences, we’ll get to work right away with our interior revival process , starting with all the necessary on-site preparation tasks to make sure your interior space is completely ready for renovation.

Once the surface of your property has been prepped and cleaned, we will work diligently to guarantee your project stays on schedule and within budget. When the interior is gracefully painted with colors of your choice, you can stand proudly in admiration of your home's new appearance.

With our help, your dream interior can become a reality. Give us a call at 630.615.1283 and join forces with our interior painting team – we can't wait to get started!

Interior Painting FAQs

Excited to get started on finding the perfect paint and look for your home’s interior? So are we! Have some questions regarding our interior painting process? We have answers.

What specific interior spaces can you paint?

We provide professional painting services for any interior space: walls, trims, ceilings, doors, you name it!

Do you provide both residential and commercial interior painting services?

Yes! Our team can handle both residential and commercial interior painting needs.

How long does a typical interior painting project generally take?

All timelines depend on the size and details of space (for example, one 10 x 10 bedroom can take a day while a whole house can take 3+ weeks).

We’ll provide you with a specific timeline for your project during our design consultation.

How far ahead should I schedule an interior painting project?

Depending on the time of year, we recommend booking a few weeks to 2 months in advance to secure preferred dates.

Do you move furniture or other furnishings before painting?

We offer to move furniture or anything that could impede the progress of a project. Otherwise, customers have the option to move furniture themselves.

Do your services include cleaning afterward?

Yes, we leave your home as we left it, just with fresh paint on the walls!

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured and can provide proof of necessary insurance coverage.

Do you consult or help with color choices?

JC Licht has professional consultants who can come to your home and assemble suggested palettes. They can consult on 4-5 rooms.

They also have in-shop color consultants at the following locations: Geneva, Naperville, Evanston, Hinsdale, Lakeview, West Loop, and Wheaton.

The rate is discounted if we book the color consult for you directly!

What’s your method for keeping cabinets dust-free?

Spraying does create fine dust that goes airborne during the spraying. It does have a tendency to get in little nooks and crannies.

We create a spray tent, tarp things off very well, and plastic tarp everything in the surrounding area. But sometimes the dust gets on the floor. Once we’re fully finished, we do a sweep throughout the area.

Are you able to work in condos?

Yes, we can work in condos and other residential spaces throughout the Chicago metro area and surrounding suburbs.

Revive Your Home’s Interior With Fulton Revivals!

Are you looking for a way to make your home look and feel brand new without a full-scale remodel? At Fulton Revivals, we specialize in transforming interior spaces with our professional interior painting services.

We are passionate about creating beautiful results that inspire and motivate you every time you walk through the door. Our team loves nothing more than watching the transformation, culminating in another satisfied look on our clients’ faces when the job is done.

Ready to breathe some new life into your home? Contact Fulton Revivals today to get started on your next interior painting project!

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