10 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2023


10 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2023

10 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2023

For many households, the kitchen remains an underutilized space, not just in functionality but also in appearance. Too many homeowners perceive the kitchen as simply a place to appease their appetite. But the kitchen is the perfect place to indulge your cravings for inspiration, vitality, and zest, too! 

Professional cabinet painting changes your kitchen’s entire look and feel, providing more flavor and zeal to your culinary chambers (in addition to the edible masterpieces you create every week). Whether you wish to achieve a sophisticated look or are eager to go sleek and modern, the color you paint your kitchen cabinets grounds the rest of your interior design. 

But not all kitchen cabinet colors are created equal, especially in 2023. For decades, playing things safe with white cabinets was essentially the norm for the average kitchen. As we progress into the 2020s, more homeowners are branching out with bolder paint colors and finishes.

Here are the cabinet colors our painting pros say have been the most popular for kitchens in 2023!

1. Natural, Earthy Greens

Natural Green Chair

The kitchen is the space in the house that provides nutrition, so it only makes sense for natural, earthy-green colors to be one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors of 2023. 

Hues like sage or verona green enhance elegance, creating a refined and relaxed environment for cooking and dining. There’s a certain warmth that these comforting green shades exhibit. 

Tip for painting with greens: More sophisticated green tones blend well with basic base colors such as white or black.

2. Darker Grays

Darker Grey Cabinets

For kitchens with sleek and modern appliances, furnishings, and cooking technology, darker gray paints are perfect for accentuating a look of more advanced, savvy surroundings. Darker shades of gray especially play nicely with essentially any base colors. 

Tip for painting with grays: Any variations of silver tend to evoke a more lustrous finish that’s glossy, glamorous, and gleaming.

3. Creamy Whites

Creamy White Cabinets

We get it – white kitchen cabinets, how original! But we’re not talking about classic, safe white.

Greige paint colors are a perfect example of creamy white colors that are as vibrant as they are bold. Adding cream-based white paint does wonders for brightening your day and gives your interiors an uplifting tone and energy. 

Tip for painting with creamy whites: They work well with other shades of white while still providing bounce and cleanliness in your kitchen design.

4. Dark Blues

Darker Blue Cabinets

Striking and alluring, dark blue paints immediately make a statement of rich delicacy in your kitchen. We predict dark blue tones will make quite the splash in 2023, from kitchen cabinets to furniture to siding.

Tip for painting with dark blues: Navy blue kitchen cabinets spark a sense of daring fearlessness inside your home, especially when combined with lighter countertops or white backsplashes.

5. Bold Blacks

Bold Black Cabinets

At the end of the day, nothing captures stoic beauty quite like a bold black finish. When used thoughtfully in your kitchen cabinet design, black paints add a breath of fresh air and modern apparel that will likely work with your existing colors and backsplashes. Bold, striking black paint is also extremely trendy with millennials, as it tends to add a sense of opulent sophistication to any kitchen environment. 

Tip for painting with black paints: Be on the lookout for black paints that offer more gray or blue undertones, which tend to add more personality and vibrance to the kitchen as opposed to straight-up black coloring. 

6. Terracotta

Terracotta cabinets infuse warmth and earthiness into your kitchen. This reddish-brown hue creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of rustic Mediterranean kitchens. It can also pair beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone.

Tip for painting with terracotta paints: Terracotta's warm tone shines with a semi-gloss finish. Apply a base coat in a similar color to enhance coverage. Be patient with drying times between coats to prevent streaks.

7. Blush Pink 

Blush pink cabinets will always bring a soft and playful touch to your kitchen! This subtle pastel hue adds a dash of romance and whimsy, instantly adding more charm to your space. It also pairs exceptionally well with white countertops and brass accents for a dreamy yet sophisticated look.

Tip for painting with blush pink: Achieving a delicate blush pink requires mixing the right shades. Test samples before painting to find your desired hue. Opt for a low-sheen finish to preserve the softness of the color.

8. Turquoise 

Turquoise cabinets are a great way to inject some energy and vibrancy into your kitchen! This bold color choice creates a lively and refreshing ambiance, making it a perfect fit for beach-inspired or eclectic kitchen designs.

Tip for painting with turquoise: Vibrant turquoise cabinets make a statement. To achieve a consistent, vivid color, consider using a tinted primer before applying multiple coats. Ensure good ventilation for drying.

9. Lilac 

Lilac cabinets are ideal for any homeowners looking to bring a sense of elegance to their kitchen without coming across as too stuffy or pretentious. This soft, dreamy color creates a serene atmosphere while adding a touch of femininity, and it pairs wonderfully with white or gold accents, giving off more of a luxurious feel without the cost.

Tip for painting with lilac paints: Lilac cabinets can appear uneven if not applied correctly. Start with a high-quality primer to provide an even canvas. Consider light purple undertones for a soft, elegant look.

10. Teal 

Teal cabinets will be sure to make a bold and striking statement for any kitchen. This rich color exudes confidence and personality, turning your kitchen into a vibrant and eclectic space. It tends to pair well with contrasting colors and modern design elements.

Tip for painting with teal: Achieving a bold teal requires patience. Apply thin coats and allow ample drying time between layers. Use painter's tape for sharp, clean edges, and consider a glossy finish for added vibrancy.

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